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WTDN 3: Masterclass Lesson 1 – Find it! The Sniffer Dog Foundation Game

Teach your dog to find truffles in a way that minimizes handler error and maximizes learning opportunities.

Truffle Dog Training and Sniffer Dog Foundation Game

Welcome to episode 3 of What The Dog Nose!

In this Masterclass series, I will share with you my entire truffle dog training curriculum from start to finish.  To get started, we will dive into the importance of teaching a basic sniffer dog game as the foundation for your truffle hunting adventure with your dog.

I believe this process provides the simplest path for you, the handler, and the most meaningful learning environment for your dog.  In this episode I’ll talk about:

  • The basic sniffer dog game
  • My process and why it works
  • How you can get started with your dog right away

Sniffer dog games and truffle hunting are fun and enriching activities anyone can do with their dog. Learn the foundation for teaching your dog to find anything you want and then learn how I specifically transfer that foundation to successful truffle hunting.

Games & Observations

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Want to review a specific point from this episode?

0:44 Important Concepts: What is a sniffer dog?

1:30 The Basic Sniffer Dog Game

6:06 Why Am I Using Treats?

7:57 How The Process Works

8:15 Tossing Treats Leads To A Directed Search Behavior

9:24 Context: Where should I play the game? You can listen to more about the topic of context in WTDN Episode 2.

10:57 Games & Observations

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~ Kristin

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