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In-person and online education for aspiring truffle dog teams, dog trainers, and pet owners.


Learn from a professional truffle hunter who knows the most efficient path to reach your goals. Have fun with your dog while building your relationship in a meaningful, genuine, and gentle way. Find delicious buried treasures for your table. Forest to fork, fun with your dog.


You enjoy spending meaningful time in the forest with your dog, the connection and relationship you dream of unfolding with ease. Your dog finds a truffle and shows you precisely where it is so you can collect it. Each time you truffle hunt, it’s fun. Fulfilling. For both you and your dog. Your dog seems happy. You feel happy. With you and your dog finding truffles regularly, you can enjoy cooking with them, giving them to friends, or even selling them.

Except, you don’t know how to train your dog to find truffles. Even with endless internet searches to find out how to train a truffle dog, you haven’t found a clear and concise method for reaching your goal. This results in frustration and confusion for you and your dog and an inefficient trial-and-error approach that isn’t getting you into the forest hunting truffles. You try taking truffle oil to a scent class which seems to work initially but your dog isn’t finding truffles. You feel discouraged and consider abandoning your dream.

You don’t need to worry! I can help! With over a decade of experience training and teaching truffle dog teams, I’ve tried or seen what works (and doesn’t). I’ve eliminated all unnecessary steps to get you and your dog truffle hunting together within a handful of lessons, and without having to take more and more classes. Take a frustration-free approach to truffle dog training with my guidance and one of my comprehensive programs. It’s efficient and effective. You won’t regret it!

Each program is designed to take you from beginner to truffle hunter. No need to take multiple courses. These programs WORK!

Client testimonials

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Truffle lessons with Kristin have been an amazing experience. It’s always fun, there is no pressure on me or the dogs, Kristin caters to what you and your dog need for each lesson. I was training a younger dog and a much older dog and each lesson was individualized for each dog. My older dog was losing his hearing & his eyesight wasn’t that good but with Kristin’s lessons he was finding truffles in no time and it was so very wonderful to give my retired performance dog one last fun thing to learn and do in his older years. All ages, all breeds, all experience levels, truffling is something everyone & every dog can learn and have fun doing!

Chris/ Washinton USA

I think what I enjoyed most was how the lessons centered around teamwork. A lot of other sports and venues focus on doing the correct thing at the correct time. Your lessons centered around communicating with your dog and making sure enjoyment came first. Once you taught us both how to be engaged and connected with each other, the truffle hunting came naturally. I have been able to use these skills in other types of training too so your classes helped us both in the forest and outside it!

Aleesha/ Wasington USA

Kristin and the Wagnificent K9 philosophy

Kristin is a truffle hunter, teacher, and trainer in the Pacific Northwest. She has been teaching and developing educational programs since 1998. Her business, Wagnificent K9 Truffle Dogs LLC, was founded in 2010 and enables her to explore her passion for truffle hunting with her own dogs while also teaching others to do so and educating them about the importance of developing a partnership with animals. For Kristin, when a student’s dog finds their very first truffle, it’s a magical moment! Every single time. And while her students are successful at finding truffles, she relentlessly reminds them that “it’s just a truffle” and everything comes down to the relationship they share. 

Shifting the way people partner with animals

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