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Shifting the way people relate to and partner with animals through a unique and holistic blend of services for the well-being of people and animals.  Kristin Rosenbach is a teacher, dog trainer, Reiki Master Teacher, Animal ReikiShamanic practitioner, and mesa carrier in Peruvian shamanism.

Kristin’s practice brings physical wellness, energetic balance and spiritual connection together for the highest good of the mind, body, spirit and interspecies connection.

Therapeutic Energy Balancing for People and Animals (optional dog training)

Energetic balancing supports quality of life, physical comfort, mental and emotional ease and allows the body to restore a sense of well-being.  Energy balancing also supports healthy communication with our animal companions and facilitates behavior and training changes. I offer Therapeutic Energy Balancing sessions for people and their animal companions, combining Reiki and shamanic practices. Initial sessions are 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes in length, usually by phone consultation, and follow up sessions may be scheduled for 15 minute or 50 minute sessions depending on the circumstances. Follow up sessions are offered by phone consultation or in-person at your home.  In cases where energetic imbalances are manifesting as training & behavior challenges, your session may integrate Therapeutic Energy Balancing with animal behavior & dog training consulting.  I often find that animals are more comfortable with distance sessions. Because animals are sensitive to our stress, often humans AND their animal companions benefit from sessions. Please see my travel area on the Session Facts Page.

60-75 minute Initial session $75.00 USD
50 minute distance session $55.00 USD
50 minute in-person session $95.00 USD (cost includes travel time up to 20 miles from Arlington, WA)
15 minute weekly or bi-weekly maintenance & support sessions $25.00 USD

Lost Pet Intuitive Information & Search Assistance

In the unfortunate event of a lost animal companion, I offer intuitive information and search assistance on a case by case basis.  Request for assistance is not a guarantee that your case will be accepted.  I am not an animal communicator.  I work intuitively with the assistance of spirit guides and allies to collect information that may lead to locating your companion animal.  You can read more about my personal experience with my own lost animal on my About Kristin Page.

60 minute intuitive information by phone consultation $65.00 USD
60 minute in-person intuitive search assistance $85.00 USD

Truffle Dog Training

You can book Private Instruction with me or inquire about hosting a workshop by requesting a booking. I am a self-taught truffle dog handler and have trained four professional truffle dogs. My intuitive approach to teaching and training is highly effective at developing strong relationships between handler and dog as well as accelerating the training process in a meaningful, genuine, and gentle way.

60 minute private lesson $75.00 USD
60 minute private lesson in the field $150.00 USD

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