Meet Me & My Dogs

Meet the Wagnificent K9 Truffle Dog Team!


KristinKristin fell in love with truffles on an Italian vacation in the summer of 2010. She joked about needing truffle dogs until, in random internet search, she discovered that they grow right where she lives…the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She took the initiative to learn about truffles and work with a an instructor who had extensive search & rescue/ scent detection experience. Her love of dog training and truffles came together and their grand adventure began. What started as a self-propelled new hobby to give her active dogs some work has turned into something she never imagined. Everything fell into place and now you will find her in the woods with her dogs truffle hunting with established truffle dog teams.




How can such a powerful girl be so unbelievably sweet? Our Sweet Callie! Born 6-21-2007…adopted from PNW Border Collie Rescue 1-30-2009. She’s a firecracker in the agility ring, an intense herding dog and a reliable truffle hunter. She loves the game and always plays with all her heart. Magnificent Callie!






My joy! An absolute soul mate! He’s shy, he worries a lot, he is busy all day…and he gives me everything he has, makes me laugh every day and defines what relationships, trust, safety and patience really mean. Born 8-14-2007…adopted 8-14-2008 from NOAH (Northwest Organization for Animal Help). He was always brave in the agility ring for me, he plays with sheep with me and he’s the best caretaker in our home. My Little Buddy!



Da Vinci

Da Vinci (Snowflower Thyme Flies) is a Belgian Tervuren born 9-11-2010…brought home 11-9-2010. We are having so much fun raising our first puppy!!! Agility, herding, truffle hunting…sky’s the limit! He has an incredible nose and always brings amusement to the truffle hunt with his happy expressions.