Oneness In Spirit

Why this blog topic? In the summer of 2013, one of my dogs, Da Vinci, went missing. It is during this event that everything I learned about energy medicine came into play. From grounding and centering to self healing, animal communication and calling upon spirit guides, everything I had studied was on the table, available for me to use or disregard. I made the choice to put into practice the energetic and spiritual practices that were needed to bring Da Vinci home. The mechanics of the search were being beautifully orchestrated by loved ones, dear friends and strangers. Energetically and spiritually, an army of allies, teachers and mentors came to guide Da Vinci and I in finding each other. Through the whirlwind of events and the healing work to follow, I realized the energies of the universe at work in the big picture. Writing about those energies, spirits, allies and guides is something I am being called to do. These stories will be told, one post at a time, from a place of gratitude and honor for the universal energies that brought Da Vinci home and influenced my shift toward Oneness in Spirit.

It is difficult personal work to open one’s self up to self-healing, to face and show kindness to the spaces in our lives that need to be opened up to the light and nurtured with love. Although ultimately, it is only by healing ourselves that we can help others to do the same. It is only through showing compassion to ourselves and tending to our own wounds that we can recognize and allow a shift to happen. And it is only through those personal shifts that the whole of the universe can benefit from our light. We are all one and part of something bigger than ourselves. When we can align ourselves with the greater good of all life and bring our most healed and open selves to a space where all live as one we can do great things.

Cultivating Connection
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Cultivating Connection

A beautiful thing happens when MacGyver wakes up from a nap.  He seeks me out.  He seeks me out to be with me.  Every time he does this it reminds me of how I would seek my mother after a nap.  I just wanted a hug.  No reason other than that sweet moment between dreaming and full wakefulness.  MacGyver approaches me in his partial dreamtime state and asks to "be" with me. There is no agenda.  We are in a beautiful state of "being" with one another.  Nothing more than the sweet perfection that is that moment.  Nothing less than the sweet perfection that is that moment.  And then we enjoy more moments as they come.  We let go of the moment that just passed and enjoy another.  It's a chain, you see.  Moments are just one snapshot in time.  Sometimes they are magnificently constructed and leave us reminiscing about the feeling.  Other times they are subtle movement through space and time with two spirits in a congruent state of "being".  Neither is holding onto the last moment.  Neither is looking ahead to the next moment. He rarely sticks around for long.  Often after a few pets and snuggles where we
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Familiar Places

I’ve been here before. This place…I am no stranger here. Sometimes I am dragged here against my will. Sometimes, I come take a look at the view to gain a little perspective. I’ve navigated this terrain, but that doesn’t make it any more comfortable to be here. This place is one of deep heavy emotions and darkness. It’s a place I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. But it is also a place where amazing healing and growth can happen. The ground is full of sharp rocks that hurt with every step…but the soil is fertile and full of nutrients. To see and feel this space, brings me to tears. It brings tears of extreme fear. I’ve been here before. I climbed the barren hillsides and slogged through the swampy marshes. I was alone, or so I thought. Now I’m back. Through timing that knows greater purpose than I do, I found myself here this morning. I’ve seen signs on my most recent path…you know, the ones that tell you how far away your destination is. I disregarded them because, surely, I knew better than to go there. This morning I arrived. My morning meditation with the dogs met me with