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From Forest to Fork: Truffle Hunting with Dogs What would it be like to forage for wild food with your dog? How about hunting for underground delicacies that only your dog can locate? Enjoy a magical partnership with your dog and nature followed by a tasty meal you can thank your dog for. Any dog can do it! Join professional truffle hunter, Kristin Rosenbach, to explore the enchanting world of truffle hunting with dogs. Everything you need to know to go from foundation skills to field training is inside. This Course Includes: 10 sections of content, including lessons and homework Downloadable Session Planners Support threads for each section Q&A session recordings Detailed training plans Lifetime access to content as long as the course is online Enroll today!
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Shifting the way people relate to and partner with animals

I believe we are continuously in conversation with our dogs. You might not be aware of the dialogue you are having with your dog but that’s what I’m here to help you with!  Our relationship with animals goes deeper than body language and behavior analysis. I believe you understand much more about your dog than you know! Most of us have had a special moment with our dogs or another animal.  You may remember a moment that seemingly defied time and space and you felt total peace and congruence with an animal.  It may have been a quiet moment of synchronicity, a gut feeling that led you down a specific path, or an unmistakable sign to help you with a decision.  Whatever it was, you felt it and it had an effect on you, on your dog, and on your partnership. I believe in teaching more than the mechanics of training behaviors.  Our feelings, intentions, and reactions matter in our relationships with dogs.  Communicating with a dog with that depth of authenticity yields profound results. I want to restore your belief in the magnetism that drew you to animals as a child. It’s more than the love of animals that
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WTDN 1: Welcome to the Podcast, What The Dog Nose!

Welcome to episode 1 of What The Dog Nose! This is the pilot episode where you will learn a little bit about me and how I got started in truffle hunting with my dogs. In future episodes, you can expect to learn about canine scent detection (sniffer dogs), listen to truffle hunting stories, and gain insight into the dynamic relationship we share with animals. Each episode will also include a Games & Observations segment so you can apply what you learn. Have a question for me? I'd love to hear from you! Ask me your question using the hashtag #AskWhatTheDogNose on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Because a podcast is a one-sided conversation, I encourage you to join my Facebook group, What The Dog Nose, to participate in discussions. Other places you can find me: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Thank you for spending time with me here! ~ Kristin