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WTDN 4: Training with Real Truffles Vs. Truffle Oil

Welcome to National Podcast Post Month! November is National Podcast Post Month. I'll be posting short podcast episodes daily for the month of November. At the end of 30 days with 30 podcasts, I'll decide which episodes to leave up and which ones to remove.  Be sure to share your favorites so I know which ones you love. In This Episode: In this episode, I explain one of the reasons I recommend teaching your dog to hunt truffles by using real whole truffles. Get in touch! Have a question for me? I'd love to hear from you! Ask me your question using the hashtag #AskWhatTheDogNose on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Because a podcast is a one-sided conversation, I encourage you to join my Facebook group, What The Dog Nose, to participate in discussions. Other places you can find me: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Thank you for spending time with me here! ~ Kristin
Truffle Dog Training and Sniffer Dog Foundation Game
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WTDN 3: Masterclass Lesson 1 – Find it! The Sniffer Dog Foundation Game

Welcome to episode 3 of What The Dog Nose! In this Masterclass series, I will share with you my entire truffle dog training curriculum from start to finish.  To get started, we will dive into the importance of teaching a basic sniffer dog game as the foundation for your truffle hunting adventure with your dog. I believe this process provides the simplest path for you, the handler, and the most meaningful learning environment for your dog.  In this episode I'll talk about: The basic sniffer dog game My process and why it works How you can get started with your dog right away Sniffer dog games and truffle hunting are fun and enriching activities anyone can do with their dog. Learn the foundation for teaching your dog to find anything you want and then learn how I specifically transfer that foundation to successful truffle hunting. Games & Observations Take advantage of the free Sniffer Dog Challenge Lessons by joining my Facebook group, What The Dog Nose, and saying "yes" to the challenge!  You will receive daily lessons by email and will be able to participate in corresponding group activities where you will get feedback from me. Want to review a specific
Canine Scent Detection and Truffle Dog Training
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WTDN 2: The Importance of Context in Truffle Dog Training

Welcome to episode 2 of What The Dog Nose! One of the first topics I discuss with new clients is context. Context informs a dog about what is happening next. In this episode I'll talk about: What is context Why is it important How you can apply what you learn Context is incredibly important to our dogs. When we understand the role context plays in our dogs' lives, we can choose to use those context cues to our advantage by informing our dogs about what is about to happen. The more information we can give our dogs, the more success we will enjoy in any activity with our dogs. Context gives our dogs the ability to make predictions about what is coming. Games & Observations It's time to apply what you learned about context! Consider two scenarios that seem relatively similar to you but elicit very different responses from your dog. In my example, I used car rides to different destinations. You can choose anything. First, identify the conditions that those two scenarios have in common. Next, identify the conditions that are different and consider what those combinations of conditions mean to your dog. Now you have some clues into
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WTDN 1: Welcome to the Podcast, What The Dog Nose!

Welcome to episode 1 of What The Dog Nose! This is the pilot episode where you will learn a little bit about me and how I got started in truffle hunting with my dogs. In future episodes, you can expect to learn about canine scent detection (sniffer dogs), listen to truffle hunting stories, and gain insight into the dynamic relationship we share with animals. Each episode will also include a Games & Observations segment so you can apply what you learn. Have a question for me? I'd love to hear from you! Ask me your question using the hashtag #AskWhatTheDogNose on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Because a podcast is a one-sided conversation, I encourage you to join my Facebook group, What The Dog Nose, to participate in discussions. Other places you can find me: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Thank you for spending time with me here! ~ Kristin
Truffle Dog Cash with White Truffles
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It’s one of my favorite things!  This annual tradition we have.  Each year, Mom and Dad take me Christmas tree hunting.  We pile into the car and head out to the u-cut Christmas tree farm to search.  We search for the perfect tree.  The one that calls to us!  I’m the only one who gets to go.  You see, I have a talent for finding special Christmas trees!  I find Christmas trees that also grow truffles! It’s true!  I’ve found truffles on our Christmas tree hunts for several years.  The first time I was uncertain if we were allowed to play this “truffle game” while perusing the farm.  That year was pivotal in my love for truffle hunting.  That year, I realized that Mom will, without a doubt, ALWAYS listen to me when I alert.  Every single time!   Here I am with some of the truffles I found. Let me take you back to that first time I found a truffle next to the Christmas tree… We were strolling along among some beautiful trees, everyone looking up at the shapes and sizes of each option.  I caught a whiff of something.  It was familiar.  I lagged back a bit
Detection Dog Da Vinci in Snow
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Just Breathe

Hey everyone! Da Vinci here. I just had to share our latest truffle hunting adventure with you! The forest we went to yesterday looked like another planet! It’s snowing in our neck of the woods and that means truffle hunting gets interesting. Mom took me to one of our usual forests and, to our surprise, there was snow actually covering the forest floor. It’s been an interesting winter! The snow was melting quickly and Mom probably should have been wearing rain pants. My paws were getting cold when we weren’t moving. Her knees must have been freezing! I love snow and thought it was fun to see our usual hunting spot transformed to a bright and shiny forest. It’s usually dark in there. That day it was brilliant with light, illuminating parts of the forest we don’t usually see. We were having a great time until the trees threw their first snowball down at us. That first thud caught us by surprise. We realized that it was just melting snow but I crossed my paws that none of it fell on us. They were small clumps of snow and wouldn’t have hurt either of us but I prefer not to
Pacific Northwest Truffle Hunting
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Foray or Not To Foray?

Just the other day I was contemplating the best way to explain why I don't guide truffle hunting forays.  I struggled with this because my way is not the only way and what is most important to me, may not be a priority for another hunter.  So, how do I explain my decision without discrediting someone else's personal choice to guide forays.  You see, with truffle hunting, each team gets to make up the rules for their own process, their own relationship...their own language.  I spent a lot of time contemplating this because I believe in my reasons but I also respect everyone's right to choose what works for them. Then, as if answering my question for me, MacGyver SHOWED me exactly why I don't guide truffle hunting forays.  We went out to a known patch today just for a short hunt and to get some experience under our belts.  The last time we were here, this dog showed me the most incredible focus.  He hopped out of the car ready to search and persisted at hunting even when I was trying to make our way back to the car. Those of you who don't know me...I LOVE that!  We
Cultivating Connection
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Cultivating Connection

A beautiful thing happens when MacGyver wakes up from a nap.  He seeks me out.  He seeks me out to be with me.  Every time he does this it reminds me of how I would seek my mother after a nap.  I just wanted a hug.  No reason other than that sweet moment between dreaming and full wakefulness.  MacGyver approaches me in his partial dreamtime state and asks to "be" with me. There is no agenda.  We are in a beautiful state of "being" with one another.  Nothing more than the sweet perfection that is that moment.  Nothing less than the sweet perfection that is that moment.  And then we enjoy more moments as they come.  We let go of the moment that just passed and enjoy another.  It's a chain, you see.  Moments are just one snapshot in time.  Sometimes they are magnificently constructed and leave us reminiscing about the feeling.  Other times they are subtle movement through space and time with two spirits in a congruent state of "being".  Neither is holding onto the last moment.  Neither is looking ahead to the next moment. He rarely sticks around for long.  Often after a few pets and snuggles where we
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Familiar Places

I’ve been here before. This place…I am no stranger here. Sometimes I am dragged here against my will. Sometimes, I come take a look at the view to gain a little perspective. I’ve navigated this terrain, but that doesn’t make it any more comfortable to be here. This place is one of deep heavy emotions and darkness. It’s a place I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. But it is also a place where amazing healing and growth can happen. The ground is full of sharp rocks that hurt with every step…but the soil is fertile and full of nutrients. To see and feel this space, brings me to tears. It brings tears of extreme fear. I’ve been here before. I climbed the barren hillsides and slogged through the swampy marshes. I was alone, or so I thought. Now I’m back. Through timing that knows greater purpose than I do, I found myself here this morning. I’ve seen signs on my most recent path…you know, the ones that tell you how far away your destination is. I disregarded them because, surely, I knew better than to go there. This morning I arrived. My morning meditation with the dogs met me with
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OFFICIAL Truffle Pup

December 11, 2015 MacGyver is an OFFICIAL Truffle Dog! Today was his 10th learning session and it was an awesome one! He found five truffles (not pictured because...he is a puppy)! This boy demands that I operate from a grounded state and with heart-centered action...in anything we do together. I am so proud of this pup and our developing partnership. Our path has been nontraditional and "outside the box", one of reciprocal learning based on organic conversation, respect, transparency, intuition, and mindful action in the present moment. Dogs are amazing teachers! The newest member of my truffle dog crew in action! This is MacGyver's first truffle hunt and it was awesomely fun to see how he put all the pieces of this game and our foundation training together. He offered to include the "face down" at the truffle and I LOVED it! MacGyver finds his first truffles after just 10 sessions with truffle odor! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7orRok4f5wg?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0&w=640&h=360]
Wagnificent K9 Truffle Dog Team

The Crew

Kristin fell in love with truffles on an Italian vacation in the summer of 2010. She joked about needing truffle dogs until, in random internet search, she discovered that they grow right where she lives…the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She took the initiative to learn about truffles and work with a an instructor who had extensive search & rescue/ scent detection experience. Her love of dog training and truffles came together and their grand adventure began. What started as a self-propelled new hobby to give her active dogs some work has turned into something she never imagined. Read more about Kristin. (Photo by Lisa Kaufman, 2015)
Wagnificent K9 Truffle Dog Team


How can such a powerful girl be so unbelievably sweet? Our Sweet Callie! Born 6-21-2007…adopted from PNW Border Collie Rescue 1-30-2009. She’s a firecracker in the agility ring, an intense herding dog and a reliable truffle hunter. She loves the game and always plays with all her heart. Magnificent Callie! (Photo by Lisa Kaufman, 2015)
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