Welcome to Wagnificent K9! On a recent vacation to Italy, I fell deeply in love with truffles and jokingly announced to my friends and family that I needed a Truffle Dog! Little did I know at the time, we live in truffle country. The Pacific Northwest is one of few regions where native truffles can be found. How exciting! At that moment, the reality of training my very own Truffle Dogs was born. We have working dogs and are always looking for new activities to do with them. Cash, a 3 year old Sheltie, and Callie, a 3 year old Border Collie, are my agility partners as well as herding companions for my husband and I. We have great fun with them. Josh and I have enjoyed hiking and backpacking for many years in this area. What better way to add even more enjoyment to hitting the trails with our pups!!! During that time of grand ideas and brainstorming, we were also considering adding a third pup to our family. A Belgian Tervuren…with plans to do agility, herding and…sky’s the limit. Being a breed with such versatility and talent for scent work, everything just fell into place. We welcomed Da Vinci to this grand adventure! He is just 11 weeks old and experiencing the world as we launch this journey…journaling our training through this blog. Join us…follow our progress, laugh at our mistakes, share your voice and enjoy the ride WITH us. What a grand adventure it will be!

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