Noses For Nonprofits

Coming January 2017!

You’re invited to a multi-session online event all about sniffer dogs. A portion of the proceeds goes to animal rescue.

Have you ever been truffle hunting with dogs, watched a detection dog sniff out explosives, or heard about scenting dogs contributing to conservation? Now you can! Join us from anywhere in the world to learn about sniffer dogs and the fascinating things you can teach them to find.

Sniffer dogs are employed to find a variety of odors ranging from medical conditions to gourmet mushrooms. Here at Wagnificent K9 Truffle Dogs, we sniff out an elusive delicacy, the truffle. We thought, why not put those truffles to work by sharing the enchanting experience of truffle hunting with you while raising money for nonprofits?

An idea was born!

We will take you on a virtual truffle hunt from the comfort of your own home and bring other sniffer dog mavericks to your screen for interactive mini-sessions highlighting their detection dog disciplines.

Da Vinci, a truffle hunting Belgian Tervuren, and his Wa State found PNW black truffles

Current contributors:

Kristin Rosenbach – Freelance Truffle Hunter and Instructor at Wagnificent K9 Truffle Dogs

Chef Maly mam – Development Chef and Chief Instructor at Cooking Matters

Chef Eric Rivera – Consultant, Research & Development, Addo Pop-Up Restaurant

Ms. Sonja Needs – Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences at The University of Melbourne, Scent Dogs Australia

Chef Andy Nguyen – Executive Chef / General Manager Drizzle Olive Oil & Vinegar Tasting Room

(check back as we continue to add more!)

Admission includes:

  • Membership to the exclusive Noses for Nonprofits private Facebook group where you can learn, ask questions, and build community around dogs, food and great causes.
  • A minimum of 5 mini-sessions broadcast in the Facebook group so you can attend live or watch the replay. Replays will not be taken down so you can watch when it is convenient for you. Topics may include truffle hunting with dogs and using truffles in food, sniffer dog training, detection dog jobs, and more.
  • Access to the Noses for Nonprofits private Facebook group through August 31st, 2018.
  • Bottomless digital sWAG Bag – Anyone who purchased admission will automatically receive new items added to the sWAG Bag during the event season.

What are the benefits of this format?

  • By utilizing a free platform to gather attendees and share broadcasts, the donation potential is maximized.
  • Digital sWAG Bags provide attendees with paperless gifts which reduce costs and are kind to the environment.
  • Facebook Live broadcasts allow members to attend live and interact with the host or catch up on the replay.
  • You can attend from anywhere in the world at any time during the event season!

Registration officially opens Fall 2017, but if you want to be first to join the group, you can pre-register now. You will be automatically added to the Noses for Nonprofits private Facebook Group the day it opens and be entered to win a door prize!

$65 per person

A Message From The Event Creator

Noses for Nonprofits is my way of contributing to a greater good through food and foraging with sniffer dogs! The Wagnificent K9 Truffle Dogs crew is pawing it forward by using dog-found truffles to support nonprofits through product donations and outreach programs aimed at bringing together a community of like minded people, like yourself, who want to learn more about sniffer dogs (and truffles!) and support a good cause.

Contact Me
If you like what we do and want to contribute to the sWAG Bag or host a mini-session about your scent detection discipline.  I’d love to hear your idea!

~ Kristin, Cash, Callie, Da Vinci, and MacGyver