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What the Dog Nose, is a podcast featuring Kristin and her dogs’ learning and adventures in canine scent detection.
Explore the fascinating world of scent detection and gain a deeper understanding of the human-canine relationship.

Truffle Dog Training and Sniffer Dog Foundation Game
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WTDN 3: Masterclass Lesson 1 – Find it! The Sniffer Dog Foundation Game

Welcome to episode 3 of What The Dog Nose! In this Masterclass series, I will share with you my entire truffle dog training curriculum from start to finish.  To get started, we will dive into the importance of teaching a basic sniffer dog game as the foundation for your truffle hunting adventure with your dog. I believe this process provides the simplest path for you, the handler, and the most meaningful learning environment for your dog.  In this episode I'll talk about: The basic sniffer dog game My process and why it works How you can get started with your dog right away Sniffer dog games and truffle hunting are fun and enriching activities anyone can do with their dog. Learn the foundation for teaching your dog to find anything you want and then learn how I specifically transfer that foundation to successful truffle hunting. Games & Observations Take advantage of the free Sniffer Dog Challenge Lessons by joining my Facebook group, What The Dog Nose, and saying "yes" to the challenge!  You will receive daily lessons by email and will be able to participate in corresponding group activities where you will get feedback from me. Want to review a specific
Canine Scent Detection and Truffle Dog Training
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WTDN 2: The Importance of Context in Truffle Dog Training

Welcome to episode 2 of What The Dog Nose! One of the first topics I discuss with new clients is context. Context informs a dog about what is happening next. In this episode I'll talk about: What is context Why is it important How you can apply what you learn Context is incredibly important to our dogs. When we understand the role context plays in our dogs' lives, we can choose to use those context cues to our advantage by informing our dogs about what is about to happen. The more information we can give our dogs, the more success we will enjoy in any activity with our dogs. Context gives our dogs the ability to make predictions about what is coming. Games & Observations It's time to apply what you learned about context! Consider two scenarios that seem relatively similar to you but elicit very different responses from your dog. In my example, I used car rides to different destinations. You can choose anything. First, identify the conditions that those two scenarios have in common. Next, identify the conditions that are different and consider what those combinations of conditions mean to your dog. Now you have some clues into
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WTDN 1: Welcome to the Podcast, What The Dog Nose!

Welcome to episode 1 of What The Dog Nose! This is the pilot episode where you will learn a little bit about me and how I got started in truffle hunting with my dogs. In future episodes, you can expect to learn about canine scent detection (sniffer dogs), listen to truffle hunting stories, and gain insight into the dynamic relationship we share with animals. Each episode will also include a Games & Observations segment so you can apply what you learn. Have a question for me? I'd love to hear from you! Ask me your question using the hashtag #AskWhatTheDogNose on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Because a podcast is a one-sided conversation, I encourage you to join my Facebook group, What The Dog Nose, to participate in discussions. Other places you can find me: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Thank you for spending time with me here! ~ Kristin