It’s one of my favorite things!  This annual tradition we have.  Each year, Mom and Dad take me Christmas tree hunting.  We pile into the car and head out to the u-cut Christmas tree farm to search.  We search for the perfect tree.  The one that calls to us!  I’m the only one who gets to go.  You see, I have a talent for finding special Christmas trees!  I find Christmas trees that also grow truffles! It’s true!  I’ve found truffles on our Christmas tree hunts for several years.  The first time I was uncertain if we were allowed to play this “truffle game” while perusing the farm.  That year was pivotal in my love for truffle hunting.  That year, […]

When THE Story is No Longer YOUR Story

It’s time I updated our blog! So much has happened since I last posted and I’ll get to all of that at some point. Now, and perhaps more importantly, I want to share where we are now. Today, I realized something. I realized that THE story that once was the story defining Callie and I, is no longer OUR story. But let me back up… Some of you may know that we are finding truffles regularly now and that for this first season of reliable hunting, we are selling our dog found truffles as a fundraiser to attend Cynosport 2013 for agility. Cynosport will be the biggest agility event my dogs and I have been to and I’m very excited […]

Graduation Day…

What an exciting truffle hunting lesson!  ALL THREE pups got to go to today’s scent lesson.  This batch of truffles would be our last for the season so we had a lot on the agenda.  We needed to progress the dogs to the next level before we lost access to fresh truffles and we wanted to test out some truffle oil during an extensive search session to determine if it would be an appropriate training tool.  Ideally we will train with actual truffles, but the oil would give us something to use for maintaining skills when we don’t have access to the real thing.  We wanted to see how Da Vinci would handle moving away from scent boxes and continue […]

Truffle Puppy…

We received a new shipment of truffles yesterday and I got Da Vinci working the scent right away. He has been off for about a week so I gave him a couple easy ones to remind his puppy brain of the game. Then it was time for some challenge. This time I set the scent box in a not-so-obvious place. He tried to be lazy and walk from box to box waiting for me to mark and reward…when that didn?t work, he decided he might want to use his talented little Terv. nose. Got it! For the next few, he was much quicker to put that sniffer to work! Good Da Vinci! I’ll repeat this exercise again tonight and tomorrow […]