Raising MacGyver

Tri boys!

Lessons Learned May 26, 2015 Lesson four...don't step on the Sheltie. Life Learning Notes: Mom uses FaceTime as a puppy spy cam.
Raising MacGyver

Good Life!

Lessons Learned May, 20, 2015  Lesson one...taking things from other dogs is not in your best interest ;) May 21, 2015    Lesson two...taking things from other dogs is STILL not in your best interest ;)  (Kudos to Da Vinci for giving very clear and appropriate communication and then allowing me to back him up. Well done, dude!) May 22, 2015   Lesson three...there is an invisible bubble around other dogs' things that indicates possession. It is not wise to penetrate the bubble!  (He seems to be fine tuning lessons one and two)
In The News

A Unique Fundraiser

IN 2013, KRISTIN AND HER DOGS QUALIFIED FOR AGILITY NATIONALS (Cynosport Wold Games) They sold the truffles they found and offered to conduct land surveys for donations as a fundraiser for the big event in TN. Read the full story HERE in a wonderful article written by Deb Eldredge, D.V.M for Best in Show Daily. Truffle Dogs Work to Pay Their Way to Agility NationalBy Deb Eldredge, D.V.M
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