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Shifting the way people relate to and partner with animals

I believe we are continuously in conversation with our dogs. You might not be aware of the dialogue you are having with your dog but that’s what I’m here to help you with!  Our relationship with animals goes deeper than body language and behavior analysis. I believe you understand much more about your dog than you know! Most of us have had a special moment with our dogs or another animal.  You may remember a moment that seemingly defied time and space and you felt total peace and congruence with an animal.  It may have been a quiet moment of synchronicity, a gut feeling that led you down a specific path, or an unmistakable sign to help you with a decision.  Whatever it was, you felt it and it had an effect on you, on your dog, and on your partnership. I believe in teaching more than the mechanics of training behaviors.  Our feelings, intentions, and reactions matter in our relationships with dogs.  Communicating with a dog with that depth of authenticity yields profound results. I want to restore your belief in the magnetism that drew you to animals as a child. It’s more than the love of animals that
Detection Dog Nose
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Noses For Nonprofits: Learn Scent Work & Benefit Animal Rescue

Yes, that’s right!  You can learn about scent detection while contributing to a nonprofit.  At the beginning of 2018, Wagnificent K9 Truffle Dogs, LLC launched an online scent detection dog training program that benefits animal rescue! Throughout January and February, we recorded training videos, lectures, and demonstrations all about sniffer dogs. We took the camera behind the scenes with scent detection dogs, including truffle dogs and winery dogs, to show you first hand what it’s like to work in partnership with a dog. We discussed the benefits of scent detection work to research, the culinary industry, business owners, and, most importantly, the dogs. We highlighted the amazing world of sniffer dogs and then we outlined the exact steps you can take to teach your own dog. This year’s presenters ranged from Washington State to Melbourne Australia and, thanks to today’s technology, we were able to bring everyone together in one online community. Here are just a few of the topics we published: Truffle hunting with dogs out in the forests of the Pacific Northwest Cooking with truffles Training detection dogs for research and application in a practical setting Sniffer dog foundation training and canine enrichment games Truffle dog training from
Truffle Dog Cash with White Truffles
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It’s one of my favorite things!  This annual tradition we have.  Each year, Mom and Dad take me Christmas tree hunting.  We pile into the car and head out to the u-cut Christmas tree farm to search.  We search for the perfect tree.  The one that calls to us!  I’m the only one who gets to go.  You see, I have a talent for finding special Christmas trees!  I find Christmas trees that also grow truffles! It’s true!  I’ve found truffles on our Christmas tree hunts for several years.  The first time I was uncertain if we were allowed to play this “truffle game” while perusing the farm.  That year was pivotal in my love for truffle hunting.  That year, I realized that Mom will, without a doubt, ALWAYS listen to me when I alert.  Every single time!   Here I am with some of the truffles I found. Let me take you back to that first time I found a truffle next to the Christmas tree… We were strolling along among some beautiful trees, everyone looking up at the shapes and sizes of each option.  I caught a whiff of something.  It was familiar.  I lagged back a bit
Detection Dog Da Vinci in Snow
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Just Breathe

Hey everyone! Da Vinci here. I just had to share our latest truffle hunting adventure with you! The forest we went to yesterday looked like another planet! It’s snowing in our neck of the woods and that means truffle hunting gets interesting. Mom took me to one of our usual forests and, to our surprise, there was snow actually covering the forest floor. It’s been an interesting winter! The snow was melting quickly and Mom probably should have been wearing rain pants. My paws were getting cold when we weren’t moving. Her knees must have been freezing! I love snow and thought it was fun to see our usual hunting spot transformed to a bright and shiny forest. It’s usually dark in there. That day it was brilliant with light, illuminating parts of the forest we don’t usually see. We were having a great time until the trees threw their first snowball down at us. That first thud caught us by surprise. We realized that it was just melting snow but I crossed my paws that none of it fell on us. They were small clumps of snow and wouldn’t have hurt either of us but I prefer not to
Pacific Northwest Truffle Hunting
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Foray or Not To Foray?

Just the other day I was contemplating the best way to explain why I don't guide truffle hunting forays.  I struggled with this because my way is not the only way and what is most important to me, may not be a priority for another hunter.  So, how do I explain my decision without discrediting someone else's personal choice to guide forays.  You see, with truffle hunting, each team gets to make up the rules for their own process, their own relationship...their own language.  I spent a lot of time contemplating this because I believe in my reasons but I also respect everyone's right to choose what works for them. Then, as if answering my question for me, MacGyver SHOWED me exactly why I don't guide truffle hunting forays.  We went out to a known patch today just for a short hunt and to get some experience under our belts.  The last time we were here, this dog showed me the most incredible focus.  He hopped out of the car ready to search and persisted at hunting even when I was trying to make our way back to the car. Those of you who don't know me...I LOVE that!  We
Truffle Hunting

Exploring New Places

4-1-2016 - I had the privilege of exploring a new forest with Callie today.  Peaceful scenery, amazing weather, and this spirited girl as my guide :)
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